DCOM Hardening

Over the past few days, and especially today, there have been a number of requests for information regarding Microsoft’s DCOM hardening (https://msrc.microsoft.com/update-guide/vulnerability/CVE-2021-26414 ).


It looks like each GE Digital product is going through the process of addressing this issue specifically and directly.  For example, CIMPLICITY released a SIM for CIMPLICITY 11.1 (CIMPLICITY 11.1 SIM 3 ka48a000000bx6RAAQ | GE Customer Center) that deals with Microsoft’s DCOM hardening directly.


At this time, CIMPLICITY 11.1 is the only product and version with a known update to address this potential issue.  If the pattern holds, it is likely each product needs to be individually evaluated and SIMS released to address the issue as required.



GE Official Statement on issue



Other Product Official Statements



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